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                                                                             UAB "Lonata"


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- comprehensive maintenance of business financial accounting from initial source

   documents to tax calculations and declarations for legal and natural persons
- preparation of business and financial reports required by the owners and management of the company   
calculation and declaration of taxes to the State Tax Inspectorate, the State Social Insurance Fund,
   the Department of Statistics, and other State authorities

- calculation of salaries
- preparation of accounting policy

- verification of the compliance of the customer’s accounting documents with the existing legislation

   of the Republic of Lithuania
- preparation of reports on financial indicators




- consultations on the maintenance of financial accounting
- updates on the changes in legislation related to financial accounting and taxes   
consultations on tax calculation and declaration
- consultations on record-keeping
- preparation of accounting policy 

- consultations to natural persons on issues related to their economic activities


    Income return and property declarations


- consultations and completion of income return declarations for natural persons
- consultations and completion of property declarations for natural persons



   We invite you to become our partners and we will take care of your company’s financial records and accounting.