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                                                                             UAB "Lonata"



   UAB LONATA main activity - business creation, business and personnel management (business efficiency by cost reduction), accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises from the original documents to the balance sheets and financial statements.

   Head of the company while working in the largest Lithuanian enterprises and their involvement in governance, as one of the largest Lithuanian corporate executive and council member, accumulated rich experience in business management, for UAB LONATA clients can offer custom business solutions and assessing the position of the company, can advise, how to make your business profitable and successful..

   We will provide all necessary services for your business: set up a company, organize the work of safety and personnel documentation, keep personnel and financial records, provide debt collection and other legal services to represent you in public (SODRA, VMI) and other authorities, we will contract benefit only for your..

   With this contract we required to keep your business secrets and without your consent not to transmit the information,  witch we get performing services under the contract, to the third parties. Distinguishing cases where such tipe of information must be submitted to public authorities by law..


   The company engages and more activities such as - insurance services, computer hardware maintenance and service, web design, print and toner cartridges refill, distribution of computer and home appliances, office paper..                                            



                                                                                                                                                                                   UAB „Lonata“